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Why Every Entrepreneur Should Be Sending Follow – Up Emails.

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Why Every Entrepreneur Should Be Sending Follow – Up Emails.

Hello business people. It’s Monday and I have all the energy you can imagine. How is your day so far? Are you having Monday blues? If yes, don’t worry Tuesday is remaining just a few hours and we will be done with it. Let’s get into today’s business

As entrepreneurs, we spent a lot of money, time and energy, marketing our brands to our potential customers. After you have marketed you get three answers from the customers

  • Yes
  • Wait
  • I am not interested

What should you do after you have made that sale or your offer is rejected? You should send timely follow-up emails. This helps in building your relationship with your potential customers. They automatically feel you care about them.

Types of Emails You Should Send

  • Feedback Emails. Ask customers who have already made a purchase their feedback. Do they like your products? And what do they think it should be done more?
  • Discount Offers. When you are giving out discounts the first people you should consider are your leads. Send them emails and let them know that you are giving out an offer and they should hurry before the offer ends.
  • New Arrival. Do you have new products that you have recently released? Send the good news to your customers first.
  • Newsletter Emails. These are emails that contain important messages about your brand. The mistake you should avoid doing is sending a lot of these emails because customers can unsubscribe from your list.
  • And finally there is a lot of follow-up emails one should send, those were my important ones to view a full list you can click here.

Results for the follow-up emails are: increased returning buyers, more sales, good PR. Your brand will be known well because your customers will create buzz about how you have great customer service.

Your Turn:

I would love to hear more about your experience with follow-up emails. Please comment on the comment section below.

All the best and remember always work smart not hard.


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