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Why Content Marketing is Crucial To Your Business.

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Content marketing

Having known what content marketing from my last post is, I believe you should be eager to know the purpose of it.

And oh, if you missed my previous article you can read it here.


The importance of content marketing makes it a must have for your business. It is because it is a method which is useful and active to build the confidence of your audience or community and also, adding new members to that community.


Content marketing works well if you have narrowed down yourself to a particular niche so that you can be able to create a correct and right audience rather than when you are not specific to a certain goal.


If I can make it clear being specific to a particular goal means that you are clear to the audience you are serving, the problems you are solving and your uniqueness in the industry.


Now, we are in the right place to answer why content marketing?


Let us first consider this buying cycle:

content marketing



As we can see from the cycle

The first step in our cycle is that consumers get needs, but they do not have an awareness of their needs.


When consumers are aware of their current needs, they perform research to get more information about their particular needs. For example, if you are looking for shoes you try to get more information about different shoes, their prices, and even their colors.


Consideration is our next step; this is the point where customers compare products from other sellers just to make sure they get a high-quality product at an affordable and fair price.


The last step is buying. This action tells you that the customers have already made up their mind, and they can move on to settle a transaction with the seller.


So, having considered the buying cycle, we can be able to answer our question why content marketing?


Content marketing can reach the first three stages of the buying process because it has the power to raise awareness of solutions and to inform plus educating consumers about the products they may have never thought about and considered them there before.


Point to note: Content marketing has the power to inform and educate.


With content marketing, potential customers are able to find value about a particular product and thereby able to make a right decision even before contacting a seller.


As a seller, you do not have to engage yourself in any high-pressure sales tactics but provide consumers with enough and reliable information about your products and services.


Content marketing helps customers build their trust with the seller. For example, if you have an existing woo-commerce account, most of the time you will find out that buyers have already purchased your items even before contacting you. Why is so? It is because content marketing has already fulfilled its purpose of the buying cycle.


If content marketing is done well, its return on investment can be outstanding.


Also, it helps in bringing or generating natural inbound links and accumulating good content on your website that helps it to get found in search engines like Google.


With that said, it sums up that content marketing is rewarding to both you as the seller and even to your consumers. If you have not started it, please consider starting it right now.

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