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Waiting for Superman

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Waiting for Superman

Today I am so excited because I have a guest post from Alex Wise from Loveawake.com. He is a recognized expert on love, marriage, and relationships. He loves sharing meaningful content that educates and inspires people to bring their dreams into reality. I hope you will enjoy the reading.


Today I’ve been talking to a few random guys, and I asked them what they wanted out of their lives. Which obviously is a common question to throw at random people lol.


The answers were what you expected. Be rich, get a wife, own my own business, travel more, etc.


Then I asked what is stopping you?


They all gave me several excuses some legit enough but that wasn’t the point. The point was they were not doing anything to improve their situation.


That just mind-boggles me how you can have a problem and not attempt at fixing it. Like the problem will magically fix itself. Then I started thinking why a lot of people thought this way. We are more likely to expect others to help us fix our problems than fixing it ourselves.


People are complacent beings. Sadly but true. We’ve become less and less dependable on ourselves, and we are quick to remove responsibilities that are put on us. This is not a sudden trend that happened suddenly one day; it’s something that has been brewing for a long time. The more advanced our society became, the abler it became to take care of the weak, which obviously is a good thing for those who need it. But the majority of these people are not in that category.


Financial aids, loan, aid support, there have never in our age of man been such a supportive society that helps the weak. Mankind has transcended the laws of nature with its advances in technology and a system which governs us. We can go against natural laws that have ruled over all beings on this planet for thousands of years. Most famously the natural law of survival of the fittest.


No longer does the weak die and get left behind. No longer do we have to hunt or defend our tribes from wild threats. It can all be handled through legal papers and a handshake.


Evolving our society to this extent hasn’t come without its price. When before taking responsibility for our own lives was an absolutely necessity for survival, people now don’t have to. People in our time are now used to getting our issues fixed for us.


You lost your job? Go to the government and get financial aid.

You get in trouble? Call the authority.

You burnt your shop down? Call insurance.

You got dumped? Go home and get comfort from your mom.

You homeless? Find a shelter.


Back in ancient times. If you lost your livelihood, you  were dead. There was no time to whine over it. One had to step up and find a new livelihood. It’s about survival.


Our society breeds beta males; it’s the optimal fertile ground for them. It breeds people who are by default depending on others and the society to fix their lives or tell them what to do.


There was a reason for why the survival of the fittest law worked. It filters out the weak from the strong Click To Tweet. It is to help ensure the best genes would continue. Now, this has become irrelevant. Weak males live,  keep being weak and creating more weak men after another. The society encourages that and keeps brainwashing these individuals to abide by conventional senses. It wants weak people because it can control them and tell them what to do.


TV: You want to get that hot girl? Get rich and buy this luxurious car!

Man: Durrrr yeah! That must work (He doesn’t know any better, how could he?)

Instead of taking responsibility for their own lives. People sit around and wait for something to happen. They are spectators. They’ve learned this behavioral pattern from years of social conditioning.  Waiting for society or other people to fix their problems.


However evolving our society to this state isn’t all bad. To be honest, the majority of it has been positive as I stated before the society can actually help people in actual need. With the combined efforts of the society and it’s people plus the advancement of technology and medical science. We have never been better.

We just have a few hidden cost because of the way we live now, and this has affected us.


Are we doomed to be as I described? Of course not.


We don’t need to go back into the wild to learn these lessons. It all comes down to taking responsibility and taking initiative. Don’t wait. Just go. Realize that you have all the opportunity in the world to get to where you want Click To Tweet. I certainly don’t believe that any man sought after a life of pure mediocrity and absence of responsibility.


Every man is born as a leader. Born to lead. Born to take action. It’s just that we’ve been misguided with false information and misleading marketing ploys. Now it’s time for you to step up and direct yourself back on the right path. Stop waiting around for others to take care of you or save the day. Stop waiting for others to make something happen either in business or life. Take the risk and if it all blows up in your face, deal with it.


Claim your life. Don’t wait for Superman to rescue you.

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