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Top 6 Free Amazing WordPress Plugins That You Need In 2018.

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Top 6 Free Amazing Wordpress Plugins That You Need In 2018

WordPress Plugins in my own words I can define them as supernatural tools. They are software that makes everything in blogging seem effortless and smooth. Imagine they make you as a website owner to add a higher level of functionalities that were not present in your site before, and you don’t have to code or to hire a developer (And by the way I salute all developers out there you really do a fantastic job) you just do it yourself.

Here are the WordPress Plugins.

Yoast SEO

If there is one plugin which is popular it is this one. It helps you as a user to optimize your content for search engines like Google. It helps with on-page optimization. For example, it will check the keyword density, the length of your SEO title, whether your article has internal links and outbound links and so on.

Also, it helps to measure the readability of your content by human users. It has metrics that check the size of your paragraphs, the number of words used and the size of your sentences.
In short, it helps a content creator to examine their content and make it be in their best format before they hit the publish button.

WP Smush

Just as its name suggests its work it is to resize, compress and optimize images. I personally use it every time I am uploading photos on my blog.

Some images are too big which make them occupy a bigger space, and they may end up slowing your website. WP Smush helps to compress such images, and they reduce the file size without the image losing its quality.

The biggest advantage with this plugin is that it can smush images that you had uploaded before installing it.

Tawk.To Live Chat

My sister recommended this plugin to me about one month ago. And I can’t deny it; I have already fallen in love with it. It is a live chat app that helps you to monitor and communicate with your visitors on your site.

Your blog is your business, and as a business, you ought to have good customer care. This is where this plugin comes in. You stay connected with your customers all day long, and you can help them through when they are stuck.

And adding sugar on top of the honey (I don’t know where that one has come from haha) they have a mobile application making things a lot easier.

Revive Old Post (Former Tweet Old Post)

This plugin works more like a resurrection masterpiece. It resurrects dead posts. Though the posts are not dead, they are old, very important and carry valuable information. And because between the time you published them and your present time, you have probably gained new followers, that’s where this plugin comes in handy.

It automatically shares your old posts depending on the time you have set, the number of posts you want it to share and the hashtags you want to be included.

This plugin is free if you want to use it on Facebook and Twitter, but you got to pay some few dollars to be able to use their pro features which include Linkedin, Xing, and Tumblr.

Ninja Forms

These forms are called Ninja for a reason. They help you build beautiful and easy user interface forms.They also help you create a mailing list of your choice which is compatible with any mailing tool of your choice, either it is MailChimp, GetResponse or any other mailing tool you use.

Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights

This plugin acts as an intermediate. It helps you connect your WordPress site with Google Analytics. Which helps you know how visitors reach your site and their behavior while they are on the site.
I will surely talk in depth about Google Analytics on Monday, so you do not want to miss this.

Your Chance:

These are some of the plugins that are a must use for me, but I have some more which maybe in future I will do a part 2 of this article.
But for now, I would love to hear from you. Which plugins among these I have listed are you using? And what is your experience?

As always, Thank You for reading!

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