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Thursday Inspiration, Take #2. How to Stay Focused and Productive at Work Without Getting Burnt Out.

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How to Stay Focused and Productive at Work

Sometimes I feel I do not want to do anything. A feeling of being lazy, bored and feeling sleepy catches up with me when my to-do list looks like this:

  • Deliver a project to a client.
  • Post new content to my blog
  • Answer one question on Quora community forum.
  • I have some home chores waiting to be done.

I look at it, and my head tells me I need a little nap to be sober. Little nap turns into 6 hours of sleep, and I am messed up. The results turn to be:

  • My client cancels his project- I portray a terrible business image.
  • Break my promise of posting a new post to my esteemed readers- lose traffic to my site
  • I fail to share my knowledge with the Quora community- that’s being greedy
  • I push the home chores to the following day- wastes my time

If I would continue with the same routine for a whole two months, I can be a very desperate person existing on the planet earth

I had to find ways on how to stay focused and productive at work without burning out. And these were some remedies that I discovered that helped me, and they may be of importance to you.

  1. Passion.

Tony Robbins says in his interview with Marie Forleo: Energy comes first not from your body, but from having a mission that comes from something that you have been pulled by not something you are pushing on.

That simply means you have to be deeply passionate about what you are doing. When you are passionate, you don’t force yourself to deliver, by the way, you can stay awake for a whole night or miss meals because you want to see the completion of the project you are working on.

  1. Put your mind on the end results.

This helps a lot. When you put your mind at the end results your mind will be consumed by the troubles of the day, and you will relax when your mission is over. How you are supposed to do that, is knowing the specific tasks that lie ahead of you and need to be completed. You can scribble them down on your to-do list or if you have a good brain lock the tasks there (which is a bit risky for me).

Under this point, when you are focused on what you are supposed to do, and you point the tasks out you will be out of the risk of being disrupted by the tasks you had not planned to attend to. You will know what to do first. (Like now, I am tempted to find out what is trending on YouTube, but I have to be principled enough to finish this article and post it)


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  1. Keep on the look of your environment.

Take note of where you are working from. It should be a motivating factor. A neat, cool place will keep you focused and productive at work throughout the day.

You should also check out what you are eating because I have found out eating a lot of carbohydrates makes me feel bloated, lazy, sleepy and bored at the same time.

  1. Give yourself a day off.

Finally, you need to relax, be with your friends, daydream a little bit and play with your pet. You are vital and as the car needs to be serviced you need to be re-energized so as to have the power to stay focused and productive again.

As for me, I take one day off per week, what about you?

Please, I do not mind if you share with me what you do to stay focused and productive at work without getting burnt out, on the comments section below.

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