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Strategies to Build Customer Relationships

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Customer relationships

It is time every entrepreneur know that customer relationships are crucial because they drive your business. As a seller when you create relationships with your clients who are excited and buzzing about your products, you create your own community.


Creating and maintaining a powerful relationship, it is not a one-time thing, but something which is consistent so that you may build trust with one another.


So, what you need is a plan to make those relationships grow strong and work for you. It is not hard as you think.

Here are some strategies to build customer relationships.


Speak to your clients after key points of your business

Key points of your business are when a person buys your product or service for the first time. When customers have any, complain about your products or services offered to them and when there is a delay in delivering their order.


At such a moment it is the perfect time to improve customer relationships. As an entrepreneur, either you are the CEO or customer service representative, talk to your clients through the phone, speak to them one on one especially if you are dealing with complaint issues.


It shows that you value your customers. To the customers, they feel working with you is the best thing they ever need to do.


Do not lose money because of poor customer service.


Note: When you deal with negative customer experience well, and the customer is satisfied possibility are those customers will recommend your company to their friends.


Ask your customers to give you a Feedback

There is nothing that the clients love and appreciate like giving their feedback to a company, and the said company implements their views.


They feel like they own the company plus the product they are using.


You absolutely make them loyal to your products and services because your products suit their needs more.


Note: After your customers give you their feedback either through their comments, surveys or you calling them through the phone remember to send them a thank you note. Appreciate them, by doing that you will be building your relationship with your customers to greater heights.


Get in touch more with your customers.

There is no relationship without regular communication. Using email newsletter is the surest way to stay in constant contact with your clients.


As far as you will be sending a regular newsletter that promotes your products, it is good to note that it is very recommended to send your customers exceptional content that meets their needs.


By doing that your customers will be looking forward to your newsletters because they know they will learn more, and more so they will see you as an expert in the field of your business.


Host Events

It is the best way to build and improve the relationship with your customers. It is the moment where you get to have the face to face moment with your clients.


Through the event, especially if it is a live event like a conference you can get a chance to answer all the questions that your customers are having, you can also thank them because of choosing to work with you.


It is the best opportunity where you can connect people, who can later be business partners, you can also provide your guest with gifts because of accepting to avail themselves to your live meeting.


By doing that, you can make the event beneficial to every person present.


Have the plan to reward loyal customers.

It is the desire for every loyal customer to be recognized and rewarded for being genuine and devoted to a particular product.


If you can make the wish of your customers come true by rewarding them, it can accelerate the relationship between you and them.


You can reward them with a small gift hamper, which will make them feel appreciated.



Without customers, there is no business. You should do everything possible to make your customers feel they are in the right place getting the best products ever.


Treat your customers right because they will always reward you back with being royal and recommending your business to their friends. Remember the key is to be consistent with what you chose to do for your customers.


Thanks for reading. If you have other additional tips for strengthening and improving customer relationships, please feel free to share in your comments.


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  1. Caroline

    October 3, 2016 at 4:28 pm

    Thank you very much for sharing this, the article was very helpful to me.


    • Lydia Kamau

      October 3, 2016 at 4:31 pm

      You are welcome Caroline, and I am so grateful you found the article helpful.


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