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Which is the Right Social Media Platform to Consider When it Comes to Marketing?

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Are there times you find yourself thinking which is the right social media platform to consider? Especially when it comes to marketing your products and services and you have to pay for the adverts.

Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube are some of the social media platforms that have won the hearts of most marketers.

You should be double sure where you should put your marketing dollars.

You should consider the right social media platform so that you can get the right leads to make your sales graph accelerate.

Here is what you should know about what is the best social network to consider.


This site is for who?

This site is for companies selling fashion, home products, beauty products, or any brand that can be able to tell their story through visual content.

Though most people do not recognize the power Pinterest platform has, it good to be aware that it has 100 million active monthly users.

Sounds interesting!

How to promote your business on Pinterest.

You can hire people who are talented creators to generate beautiful content for you.

You can consider using the option of promoted pins.

You can have on board those people who are aware of the platform, and they know which content will perform well and boost it.

Advantages of Pinterest.

  • It is an ideal platform for showcasing your products and services. The only thing you have to do is to pin high-quality images.


  • It acts as an excellent source to generate traffic to your website. It is so obvious because a link is automatically included back to the origin of the image.


  • It makes your brand visible to the whole world. It means that you can reach your target market and build your community. Building an audience is a plus for any business out there.


  • It gives you a perfect chance to build your corporate identity. It is because as followers are learning about the products and services they also get to know the personality behind the brand. The key here is to stay active, and you be consistent pinning your images.



For who?

It is a social platform for every business owner out there.

But before you spend your marketing dollars you may want to do a testing of your content which is very advisable.

How to do it.

Post different content on your page that you want to market. Compare the content which will receive more likes, because it will be the perfect content to pay for promotion.

Advantages of Facebook.

  • It is a great way to reach wider target customers.


  • Facebook ads are budget friendly ranging as low as $3.


  • Facebook gives you a platform to build a relationship with your customers because it encourages discussions between brand owners and clients.



Instagram is also another powerful platform for creating visual content for your business.

It is worthy to invest your pennies for marketing in this platform.

How to do it.

You just need to hire an influencer who can create content which will be appreciated by hundred of thousands of their followers.

It is a platform where you are expected to see high levels of engagement.

Advantages of using Instagram

  • It is very easy to reach new audiences. It is accomplished by using hashtags and influencers to post your content.


  • It stimulates your other marketing channels. With Instagram settings, you are free to enable social sharing buttons that are Facebook and Twitter. So, you can share your photos automatically when you post them on Instagram.


  • It accelerates sales. It happens when you create professional-looking images to promote your products and highlight your services.



For who?

Entrepreneurs who have tutorials and DIY videos this is the perfect platform to reach your audience.

Though it is not advisable for new entrepreneurs, who want to build a positive image because most of the youtube comments tend to be harsh. You can consider starting with Instagram and snap cap.

Consider choosing your social media platform well so that you may not end up throwing your marketing dollars.

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