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Qualities of a Good Profile Picture as a Freelancer

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Today is the end of July and those of us who are in the Eastern Africa Time we know it is not a weekend rather it is on Monday. A day that never feels good probably because of a short weekend and you had a million activities of things which needed to be completed and left you feeling like a torn tire.

So, I thought it is wise to do a short activity which is worthwhile and that is, changing your profile picture. Talking about that, last year I was approached by one of my potential clients (I am a freelancer) in one of my freelance accounts, and she left me this message:

Qualities of a Good Profile Picture as a Freelancer

It left a ton of unanswered questions in my head, but I came to understand why my client told me so.

Let’s  take a minute and analyze this photo:
  • First, it was a selfie
  • My background was messy
  • I was in my casual clothing, something that I could not wear to any job interview
  • I had a duck lip pose- which my client considered unprofessional, and looking at it, it is very true 100%
  • My big red braids looked like I was on a vacay somewhere having my good time

It is crystal clear why I was struggling to get even one client. And the truth of the matter is, I had skills, my profile was stunning, but my profile picture was letting me down.

That is the power that a profile picture has.

Napoleon Bonaparte said A good sketch is better than a long speech Click To Tweet which today it is translated in lay man’s language “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

By looking at a picture, you can draw a lot of conclusions from it. Starting from what the time the photo was taken, the camera used, the mood of the person and sometimes the place which it was taken from.

From experience, a bad picture can cost you a lot including being overlooked by clients and having a hard time landing a gig.

So what are the qualities of a good profile picture as a freelancer:
  • Lighting- consider natural light or stay away from the light that can create shadows and dark spots.
  • Background- simple and clear background works well or outdoor background which is blurred.
  • Face the camera- Buyers want to see your face and especially your eyes, so face the camera straight.
  • Don’t forget to smile- A smiley face makes a person approachable, warm and friendly at the same time. Seriously, who would resist to work with such a person?
  • Lastly, take a professional quality picture, not a selfie.

A freelance job is just like any other job in terms of professionalism Click To Tweet. And you should remember your success in the freelance world relies heavily on how well you will market yourself and put yourself out there. The justice you can do to your profile is to upload a photo that reflects your success.

Here is my before and after the approach from my client. I know it is still not the best profile picture, but at least I am moving towards the right direction. I hope you can note some of the differences between the two shots.

Qualities of a Good Profile Picture as a Freelancer

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