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Packaging As A Powerful Marketing Tool

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packaging as a powerful marketing tool

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Good morning people! It’s Wednesday, and I feel great, I hope you feel great too! Anyway, let’s talk about packaging as a powerful marketing tool.

Sometimes, as marketers, we can overlook the importance of packaging our products and services and concentrate our energy and time in advertising campaigns and promotions. But, when it comes to sales made we can’t see the end results of our hard invested labor of energy, time and money in those campaigns and promotions.

Have you ever asked yourself why?

Well, many factors can contribute, but the main factor is the packaging.

Packaging is defined as a representation of a thing in a beneficial way. Meaning it’s a tool on its own. One of the many advantages of packaging is, it helps your products to be easily recognized and that’s all.
But that is not all because a product or service being recognized by a consumer is what make the difference in sales. And sales are what tells you as an entrepreneur if your business is going to exist or not. And that is the hard truth.

So, what do you look when it comes to packaging?

As a marketer or an entrepreneur, you should always wear the shoe of a consumer. And ask yourself can I buy this product? Is this product standing out in an overcrowded market? Take yourself to the shelves and ask yourself what makes me pick a particular product over the other one?
And assuming your product or service is of high quality then this is what you should look when it comes to packaging:

Your brand message.

Let’s agree every person buys a product or a service as a solution to his or her problems. And the message on the product you are buying should be simple, but again when you read, it should definitely answer your question or solve your problem.

Let’s look at two examples here:
Nivea Deodorant: it simply says invisible for black and white. As a consumer, it solves a problem for me, because in the past I have used anti-perspirant that stains my white clothes with yellow stains and black clothes with white stains. So definitely as a consumer, I am going to consider buying it.

Packaging As A Powerful Marketing Tool
Grammarly: Eliminate grammar errors- who in this world does not want that.

Your Packaging colors

When you are doing packaging, you need to do a bit of research on the color palette that will connect your products to the consumers. Sometimes appearance can advertise your products effortlessly. You find that you want to know about that product because of how it has been represented and especially the color of the package.
It is something that I have experienced before, I have bought something because I thought it was cool, and it was actually cool when I used it though I have never heard about the product before.
Kissmetric has dug deep on how colors can affect purchases.

Product design/shape of the product

You might be producing the best product, but you are selling it in a wrong package. Every buyer wants a package that will make his or her life easy while using the product.
Though product design is not a major factor when it comes to purchasing, but it plays a major role in the success of a product.

Do you have additional points? Feel free to share in the comment section below.

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