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How to make Money Online- Selling Gigs in Fiverr is the Surest Way I know to Make Money Online.

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After I had quit my job as an analyst in a Chemical Laboratory because of the reasons which I better keep to myself, but the obvious one was little salary which probably most of you have gone through it. I was stranded, and I didn’t know what to do next.


My advantage was I was in my parent’s place, so I didn’t have expenses. I was not paying rent nor feeding myself.


Though even after having the minimum costs I still had needs which needed money to be satisfied. I made a brave step, and I was employed in a famous hotel in Kenya. I am calling it a bold step because I was doing something which I had no experience. By the way, I am a science student.


The worst happened one morning I remember it was on Wednesday, in the month of January 2016 when I reported on my work, and I was told by the security officer in charge that my job was over because December holiday was no longer. That was the end of my hotel job, and I was a steward then.


Online Struggle:

The online struggle is real. At this point, I want to thank my sister because of teaching me the computer. So, it was at that point when I was searching anything to do with ‘how to make money online’ I was desperate, and nothing was working for me. I filled online surveys, but I was not paid. I joined programs where you are supposed to click adverts to receive a payment of $0.0001 per click, and you are expected to withdraw your money when you reach $100, it was disastrous!


If I can remember, I had joined so many online accounts until I was about to give up.


One bright day my sister found an order in her account which was known as Fiverr. She was so happy though we were not sure we thought the client was a spammer. Not until she completed the order and she received her payment via PayPal.


If you want to sign up for your PayPal account, you can sign it here.


That is when I trusted the site and I joined it. It is my actual life experience that the account is real. And from that day I am a full-time freelancer.


So, What is Fiverr?

I can describe Fiverr as a marketplace for talents. It is a global online market where sellers and buyers meet and negotiate to settle an agreement made between them. The site is easy to use and to navigate. It offers both the buyers and sellers a wide range of services that are sure to fulfill their needs.



As the seller you are supposed to create an account, that is to sign up with Fiverr and create the services that you are selling. Services are popularly known as gigs, and the lowest you can be paid is $5, and there is no maximum of the payment you can receive.


There a lot of gigs one can offer in Fiverr like for example, “I will sing a happy birthday song for $5” or “I will write SEO articles for your site” and the list goes on.


Fiverr favors graphic designers, writers, programmers, producers and any category you may think of.



Through Fiverr, I have met with different buyers who make me acquire new skills each day that passes. Sometimes, it’s hard to get the first buyer, but when you get one, it builds up your hope. That is where I started, and I can encourage you if you want to start working online start with this site. It works magic.


To sign up for a Fiverr account, please click here.


I call myself Writer Lydia in Fiverr. You can check on my profile here.


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