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Interview With Alice Oduor From Sprout-Ke

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Hello guys, happy Monday! Today’s post is brought to you by Alice Oduor from Sprout-Ke. Sprout-Ke is a mobile application that helps parents and teachers communicate in the most efficient and easiest way ever.

Through this app as a parent or as a teacher you can be able to keep track record and the progress of the student as far as academics are concerned. More to that, you get to find out school information and updates, your child behavioral tracking, and growth, also, if you are interested to know which clubs your child is active in you will get the updates plus paperless invoicing and more.

I cannot exhaust all the benefits of this app, the best thing is to head to their site and get more information, but I got a chance to interview Alice Oduor who is the Founder of Sprout-Ke and today you are here for a treat.

(P.S this post is not sponsored)

How did you come up with this idea of Sprout?

I came with the idea while researching on what course to do for my postgraduate degree. I narrowed my search down to education. While doing my research, I found out that lack of automated systems in learning institutions has a direct correlation with poor performance. This was due to time wastage and misplacement of resources. After more research, I engaged friend who is a software developer and we came up with the software.

What was the mission of this business?

To ensure all schools are constantly innovating and automating, making their institutions more efficient and enabling a better learning environment

What is the exact date that you launched this mobile application?


Can you outline the services or products that you offer to your consumers?

Sprout provides a simple, secure learning management system for school with features such as

  • Attendance- (Digital check in/Check out of your children)
  • Clinic information- accidents and emergencies
  • Calendar marked with all important school dates
  • School Fees Invoicing and Receipting
  • Newsletters
  • School Food Menus and Reports
  • Homework information
  • Honours and Awards
  • Progress reports on performance

How many employees do you have and what do you look when you are selecting them?

We are a team of 5. Including management.

What is that ‘one thing’ that sets your business to be distinctive from your competitors?

The customer experience, we offer our clients. Unlike most LMS, Sprout gives a better user experience. We made sure to develop our feature set to be very useful but also very simple to navigate.


You are the CEO of your company what is your day to day responsibilities?

Being the CEO of a Startup involves wearing many hats. My daily responsibilities involve attending sales presentations, Marketing and PR, daily operations of the business and finally Admin work.

Ms. Alice, if somebody wants to venture into this market, can you share with us what is the growth rate, what is the potential for the person to survive in this industry?

The growth rate in the edu-tech space is enormous, with the right technology and business systems in place, the education market can be a lucrative sector to venture into.

What are some of the barriers that you have faced since launching your business?

Adapting to new technology can be a bit slow. But that is changing as the educational environment rapidly migrates its management processes through digital transformation.

How do you market your business?

We use various marketing channels, but the common ones

1)            Direct (Face to Face) selling

2)            Social Media Marketing

A lot of young people have ideas, but they don’t have the funds to start their dream jobs. Can you tell us how you were funded or where did you get your funds from?

Funding an idea has to come from the entrepreneur in the beginning. Before anyone decides to inject capital into your business, he or she must see how much you are willing to spend on your own business. It’s more of a trust thing. Sacrifice, friends, and family are usually the starting point before looking for more sophisticated investors.

How did you feel when you had your first client and how did you do it?

It was a feeling of validation. As entrepreneurs, we can be over-enthusiastic about our products but the market tells you otherwise. So, it was a validation that my software solution is helpful and needed by Schools.

If you could time travel back to when you started your business, what would you do differently now that you have already tasted the waters?

I would have learned more about the education market and how it works. It would have saved me a lot of time had I learned these strategies early.

When you are in doubt what drives you to take that next step.

I am ALL in when it comes to my business. So the fact that I don’t have any other choice is a good motivator. It helps with the discipline as well.

Fun Question:

Which app do you have on your phone that nobody can guess it? Temple Run. The game. Hehe. I can’t get over it. It’s helpful when I need to pass the time.

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I wish you all the best and remember to always work hard.

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