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Inspiration Thursday, Take #4, Hard Times Do Not Last

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Hard Times Do Not Last

There is this time I was broke and nothing was working for me. My blog was not making any money nor I didn’t have any other source of income. Simply I could not afford. Adding to the list, I had so many debts from my loved ones and friends which made me feel I was at my breaking point.

At that moment I learned something:

Never despair, and never lose hope. Go through the process and appreciate it. Hard times happen to everyone, but the best thing, they never last. Yes, it is true, you might think you have reached your end but keep pushing. After that season is over you will feel energized, relieved, grateful, and you will have more power to face many challenges in the future.

I called it life immunity. Which means in the future when trouble strikes you will be better placed in terms of your thinking and your belief. Because you would have learned so many lessons from the past challenges.

If you are reading this, you are a warrior, and let nobody else tell you otherwise.

Enjoy your weekend fam!

I am listening to: I Walk The Line by Chris Daughtry

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