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How to Increase Sales in Your Business through Blogging

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Increase Sales in Your Business through Blogging

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where people did not know exactly what services you are offering?

And when you explain to them they are like “Oh, crap I need that”
Increase Sales in Your Business through Blogging
That is what information or in better word content does; Magic! You can tell your potential clients what you are offering clearly to the point without any misinformation from the distant hearers or third parties.

Increase Sales in Your Business through Blogging
So, how do you increase sales in your business through blogging?

1.Blog about your market niche.

It is creating more content targeting a specific customer group. I believe the reason as to why most businesses are out there are to satisfy specific market needs.

When you blog about your market niche, you will attract two kinds of people: those who are looking solutions to their problems and your competitors because you are sharing the same audience.

The advantage you get from that, not every person will be able to solve their problems through the guidelines you have given, maybe because they are busy or they do not have the resources by that, they ask you for help.

Competitors can approach you to come up with a better idea, which is a great way of growth when your industry matters are concerned.

Where do you get ideas for your market niche

1. You need to brainstorm. Come up with problems you have been struggling with and offer solutions. Chances are you are not the only one facing those challenges, their people who can identify with your struggles, and they will appreciate a lot.

2. Hang out with people or join relevant forums and discussion boards. Look out for issues that keep coming out, and address them.

3. Research. Find out more information about your niche. You can do this through relevant blogs, books, newsletters, magazines, e-books and any other material you can chew for your benefit.

Advantages of doing this

a. You increase your incredibility-You build trust with your audience. They get confidence that you know what you are talking about, and they are sure you are their guardian angel when they are wallowing in the depths of their challenges.

b. You get a chance to showcase your products and services- Through blogging, you can publish educative posts about your products and services. You simply create more awareness about your brand which yields positivity in the long run.

c. You automatically grow your email list- When you post relevant and valuable content to your readers it is 60% given they will sign up to your newsletter. When you get subscribers on your list, you can get an excellent opportunity to convince them to buy from you.

d. You connect with your customers who are also your readers- This is through their comments on your blog and on your social media platforms. You get to read their thoughts and understand them better.


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2. Post Consistently

Our No. 1 point was: blog about your niche market. When it comes to making and establishing your brand, so that your audience can appreciate you by buying your products and services, it’s something that requires a strategy; it does not come overnight.

Somebody said: Content marketing is a long-term relationship, it’s not a one night stand.

You need to post regularly, and when I say posting, I mean posts that are relevant to your audience.
It is important to identify who are your target audience (from age, gender, demographic, etc.)

Most people consult search engines like Google to look for solutions or to get more information about something of their interest.

Increase Sales in Your Business through Blogging

You need to make sure your content is solving your audience problems or giving them more information about something.

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3. People get to know you.

I realized when I go to a shop, and I find a seller who offers the services that I was looking for, I usually stick there and become a loyal customer.

And why is so?

Probably I have made a real friendship with the seller, he/she knows what I love, or I have never found high-quality services that I have been offered there anywhere else. That’s me and I think I am not alone.

That is what happens in the online world.

The more your audience knows you, and they interact with your brand, the more they are likely to buy from you.

Do you know why?

• You have established yourself as a thought leader, that is, you are credible under that niche.

• You answer your audience questions. Most of the time they will be coming to seek advice from you.

• You create loyalty. The more positive interactions you have with your customers, the more positive bond grows which bring brand loyalty.

4. Optimize your blog posts.

(I will not tackle this, it will be in my next post because it is so much detailed, stay in touch)
I hope this help guys and remember consistent is the key if you want to increase sales in your business through blogging.

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