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How To Deal With Negative Reviews As A Business.

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How To Deal With Negative Reviews As A Business.

Hello People! Happy Tuesday!

From my last post, I talked about the importance of reviews to businesses.

Fact: One negative comment can draw your happiness away no matter how many positive comments you read on your wall. Your mind will keep coming back to that fault that somebody else noticed and you didn’t know it.

Now, that is the effect of one negative comment on you. And what about your followers and people who read those comments online? It is so clear they are left with unanswered questions that need to be addressed. That is for personal reasons- you can choose to address the matter or not.

But when it comes to business any negative comment needs to be addressed asap to maintain the business ratings. It is important and advisable to clear the air where there is smoke. Because you know what? One spoiled tomato can infect a whole bag of fresh tomatoes.

So, as a business, how can you deal with negative reviews?

First, Know Your Business Is Not Immune From Negative Reviews

That’s right; every business receives negative reviews. This is because consumers have different expectations from the services and products they purchase. And there is a percentage of customers who are never satisfied, even if as a seller, you go overboard or do what to them those customers will still complain, and that’s where negative reviews come from.

Second, Never Take Negative Reviews Personal.

As the owner of the business (and especially small business) you should know you and your business are two different entities.

It is so obvious any matter when it gets personal one can get angry and overreact to a customer, which is not right. You know there is a saying that goes customers are always right. And so as a seller, you should never attack a customer either online or offline.

Third And The Final Way Is To Respond.

Respond huh! It sounds easy. And yes, it is easy if you gently explain the situation at hand to the unsatisfied customer. Be gentle and kind with your words because not only that customer will be reading that comment, but also, everybody who visits your site will be interested to know how you solved a certain issue.

Sometimes if it is a product that you had delivered to a customer and it had faults, you can exchange it for the customer or offer revision services to a service that you had offered and did not meet the standards of the customer. Most of the time when you do that, those unsatisfied customers usually come back and update their review, which is a plus to the business.

Or sometimes you can bend the rules and recommend other services and products from other business owners to see if the customer will be satisfied.

But all in all, as a business person you are great!

Thank you for reading!

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