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How Important Are Online Reviews To Businesses?

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How Important Are Online Reviews To Businesses?

Just the other day I analyzed my trends when it comes to downloading an app or buying something online. I first look at the rating without reading the reviews, then I choose the item which is highly rated, I read the first three reviews, and I download it, just that.
So, that made me wonder, do companies care about customer’s feedbacks which are in the form of reviews?

A review is simply a genuine commentary about a service or a product you have used.

This survey by BrightLocal, Local Consumer Review Survey shows that 85% of people trust online reviews.
What does that mean to businesses? And especially to small businesses that have not made their name in the market for long?
That reviews are important marketing tools.

And here are how they are important:

• They help potential consumers know the quality of products and services offered by the business.

• Helps a consumer make their final decision when it comes to purchasing or ordering the service.

• They challenge businesses to maintain a positive image online, and that means better services and better products plus your complaints as a customer will be handled with care.

• Reviews act like a recommendation from a friend or a family member- which in reality is a friend, but a stranger at the same time, which feels so good because you will not have to shop around wasting time looking for quality products and services.

• As a consumer your trust in a business increase if they have more positive reviews and vice versa and that makes it hard for you to be conned.

• Consumers always hesitate to buy from a business which has no reviews or has got more negative reviews.

Nowadays most companies and businesses buy reviews to be able to maintain a positive online image. Also, most of them pay influencers to speak highly of their products and services so that they can raise their sales which is obvious.

And let’s face it, most of the influencers will not speak negatively about a product or a service when they have been given for free, or they are being paid to promote it.

How to solve the issue.
Always go for reviews which are 4-star or 4.5-star ratings instead of reading 5-star reviews. What I have found out is that 4-star ratings or 3-star ratings are the most genuine reviews. Customers leave their advantages and disadvantages of a product or service genuinely. Which is okay, because not everything is super perfect, and it is better to know the flaws at hand when purchasing something.

And don’t get it twisted, it is good to read the 5-star reviews, but it is good to rule out the possibility of purchased reviews which will only speak the positive side of an item, that is why I have suggested you go for 4-star reviews and below to get the real picture.

On Monday (15/01/2018) we are going to talk about how to deal with negative reviews as a business.
Thank you for reading and see you on Sunday with my Inspirational Thursday Post. Bye!

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