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Direct Pay Online Review

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Direct Pay Online Review

Happy Wednesday. Today we are reviewing a payment gateway which is called Direct Pay Online. Most businesses have moved online and you must consider how your customers will be paying for the goods and services. And this is one of the methods.

What is Direct Pay Online (DPO)? It is an online payment service provider in Africa that allows eCommerce businesses to accept credit cards, mobile payments, and cross-border payments. Unfortunately, in Africa and in specific in Kenya, we do not have many choices when it comes to online payment processing companies. DPO was one of the best that I had to consider when I was starting my business

I have used DPO services for 6 months now and I thought I should shed some light about their services for anyone who might be interested in them.


  • Customers can pay with credit cards, PayPal, mobile payment services like Mpesa (they cover Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda), Visa card, and gift cards.
  • They have a free plugin for woo commerce which can be integrated into your online store.
  • Every time a payment is made on your site, you get an automated update in your email that a certain transaction has taken place.
  • DPO has the best workforce, plus their customer service is the best. If you experience any problem you can reach them any time 24/7.
  • Immediately you register with them you get access duma pay.
  • You get a dashboard where you are able to monitor how many sales were made, how many cancellations, and the reason why the customer canceled the transaction and how much you have in your account.
  • Their headquarters is in Nairobi, Kenya.


  • There is a one time set up fee, which is $300 and it is non-refundable. I consider it a disadvantage because most young entrepreneurs it is a hustle to raise such an amount.
  • Settlement Limit: Once you have sold your goods/services and you have money in your account, you cannot withdraw money as you wish, you have to hit the limit the money to be settled. For example, in my case, I had to hit $100 for the money to be settled. This is a big disadvantage for the small business person because most of us operate with the money that the customers are sending. And if the money is held for a long time it causes delays, especially if you are dealing with goods and it can result from the customer requesting for a refund.
  • Settlement Cycle: DPO has a very confusing settlement cycle. For example, if the limit you are supposed to reach is $100 but the customers who bought your goods didn’t buy at the same time, let’s take the names, Grace bought a skirt worth $20 on Monday, Joy bought a trouser worth 60 on Wednesday which totals up to $80 you will not be settled that amount. The following week Ann bought a tight worth $30 which totals up to $110, then that amount will stay in the account another seven days so you can be settled. It is hectic and confusing.
  • Display of the Address. On the display interface where customers are paying your address is shown, which is a disadvantage if you are targeting international customers.
  • Their paying interface/checkout design is very complicated to customers. Which results in very many abandoned carts. Customers have to fill a lot of information to be able to pay for the goods and services. Example between DPO and Stripe checkout design:

And here is the stripe checkout design,

I hope you can see the difference.

  • Their terms and conditions keep on changing which sometimes you cannot be able to keep track with.


DPO favors big companies that can reach their set limit with no time and their money will not be held for so long.

It is my sincere wish that we can get many investors in this sector. It is a big challenge to give your customers, many and different methods of payment, especially if you come from Africa. Or better still other services like Stripe and PayPal Pro to be extended to every part of the world.

Have you ever used any payment gateway in your online store? What can you say about it? I would love to hear your comments. I am listening to the Lucky Dube song ‘Born To Suffer’.

All the best and always work hard.


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