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Deep Africa Review

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Deep Africa Review

Are you looking for a company to host your website? Haha, I sound like I am promoting something, but am very serious.

When it comes to choosing for a web hosting company it can be a daunting journey. Why? Because you do not know which company offers great services.

There some qualities you should be on the lookout, here they are:

  1. Host with trustworthy companies. These are companies that have been in the game for the longest time and have many customers. You can consider a local company where you can consider asking for reviews from different people. Also, consider checking Google Reviews.
  2. Reliable Host. It is heartbreaking when your site is down. You should be on the lookout for hosting companies that knows how to maintain their servers.
  3. Customer Service. In every business, customer service is key. It also applies to web hosting companies. Consider a company that offers 24/7 support in case you are experiencing any trouble with your website, you can get help as soon as possible.
  4. Technical Support. It sounds obvious, but it is not. Most of these web hosting companies have not invested with professionals to handle technical issues when they arise with your website.
  5. Bandwidth and disk space. You should have more space for your site, emails, and visitors. For bandwidth, I believe it should be unlimited and disk space you should consider if you are putting up a simple website or an e-commerce site that will require a bigger disk space.
  6. Site Speed. Everybody hates sites that load very slowly. High loading speed is very important.
  7. Pricing Plan. Finally one does not need to break a bank to be able to afford to host a site. Pricing should be standard or better still hosting companies should have different plans one can choose from.

Now let me unveil my best web hosting company in Kenya. It is called Deep Africa.

It is one of the best web hosting company in Kenya. The first time I heard of it, was from my sister who was recommended by a friend. And that is the time I decided to try out their services.

For four years now they have hosted my two sites and I can proudly recommend to entrepreneurs and bloggers to check them out.


Going from our list on top, deep Africa, are

  • Trustworthy,
  • Reliable,
  • A-plus customer service which is 24/7
  • Perfect technical support
  • Standard pricing plan, which goes as little as Ksh.3,364 per year with no added costs.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Good site speed because I am on a shared host, so it is expected.
  • Plus, your site gets a free SSL certificate, which is awesome.


  • Sometimes your site can go down, but when you call/email them, they resolve your problem immediately.
  • Disk Space. The biggest space you can be given is 15 GB. Which is a disadvantage to a person who may consider running a big website like an online store. Though for small online stores I can recommend it.

Your Turn.

That’s it for today. I would love to hear your comments. Which web hosting company do you use? Can you recommend it in the comment section below?

Wishing you Love and Light. Always work smart.


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