Home Marketing The Art of Advertisement: What to Learn from Safaricom Advertisements.

The Art of Advertisement: What to Learn from Safaricom Advertisements.

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The Art of Advertisement: What to Learn from Safaricom Advertisements.

There is one rule you cannot break in Marketing and Advertising which is you have to create information that your target audience find interesting and worth talking about through sharing. Because at the end of the day is not what the advertisement does with the consumer; it is what the consumer does after viewing the advertisement. The customer must take the appropriate action after viewing the advert, that is ‘The call to action.’

Let’s take an example of the most viewed Safaricom advert and analyze it.


Safaricom is one of the top notch companies in Kenya that have been releasing popular advertisements of our time. The criteria I have used to come up with the most popular video is, I have chosen the most viewed video on YouTube.

So, what factors are contributing to the success of this advert? Here is the analysis:


The advert is relevant to the target market

First of all, Kenya is their target market. Safaricom, as a communication service provider they have narrowed down to the Kenyan community by using Kenyan landmarks, Kenyan people, Kiswahili as the National language and the daily activities performed by Kenyans. Their audience finds it easy to relate to their advert.


Safaricom is good at Holding and Grabbing the attention of their Audience

For your advert to be viral, this is a must. You have to capture the mind of your target market. Safaricom have done this by producing interesting information. Where they use Kenyan culture, songs which are in harmony and landmarks which make them be super creative and thereby producing relevant information.


Safaricom Ads define their market

Their ads are unique, and they are so loyal to their products and services. Despite facing challenges from other communication providers in the country, they still stand firm. They also use green color to identify their services which is evident in all their ads.


They tell a fun story

For your ad to be appreciated by your viewers, you must tell a story through it. The story can be humorous, educative or something that is moving your listeners or viewers mind from one point to another. And that is what Safaricom has achieved over many years of their advertisements. They can tell stories of how to get connected.


They make their ad message simple

In advertising, your message should be simple enough so that your readers, viewers or listeners can grab it quickly and clearly. So clear, in the sense that, your audience will not misinterpret the message. What you should keep in mind is that the images are more valuable than words. That is, your ad should easily be understandable even when muted.

An example of simple messages from Safaricom is ‘Keep the connections going’ so simple.


Always remember emotion is the best means of influence. Your advertisements should be a real pleasure to watch, to read or to listen to in your audience minds.

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