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Answer to: What is Content Marketing?

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Content marketing

In this modern world, people are blind to adverts. With technology such as DVR, you can skip adverts on the television. People are more likely to choose to go online to research or get more information about a particular item rather than read adverts in the magazine. Banners are becoming irrelevant with time as people are looking for more details.

So, as a smart marketer, I know you are asking yourself what the best way to market your products and services is? My answer will be going for Content Marketing.

Let’s take a journey to learn about Content Marketing.

In layman’s language content marketing is creating content which is valuable and relevant to your audience. And then your content creation must be consistent so as to build your community and be able to retain that community by posting regularly. Lastly, you have to distribute your content through the relevant social media platforms and other useful platforms that you know are useful for your content to be visible.

I found this image from Scoop.it and I know you will be able to interpret it well:

Cycle for content marketing

Content marketing is more about interacting with your potential customers without selling them your products and services but instead informing them more. By doing that, you help your clients be more intelligent about your commodities.

Sounds great!

Examples of great companies that are using this method are Microsoft and P&G. Other small entrepreneurs are using it too because they have discovered that it is a killer, it works.

What makes content marketing different from other types of information is that it is relevant to the consumer needs and valuable to them. Any information which is not relevant and useful is termed as spam.

Food for Thought:

Content without marketing is possible, but Marketing without great content is impossible. It is because content marketing which is great makes people take an action which is intended.


Quality content is part of all forms of Marketing.

Content Marketing

Social media marketing- Your strategy of content marketing comes first before your strategy of social media.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)- Google and other search engines that exist rewards businesses that publish high quality and consistent content.

Public Relations Personnel- Most successful PR strategies address issues that concern their readers rather than their business.

Inbound Marketing- Great content is a primary key to driving inbound traffic and leads.

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