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5 Online Business Ideas For Young People

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5 Online Business Ideas For Young People

One major problem young people face, especially in Africa is finding a stable job. Most vacancies that you find in big companies, that pay well and places where you will showcase your strengths and skills they make it so hard for the young ladies and gentlemen to make it through. For example, some of the requirements you are supposed to meet are, 10 years of experience in a recognized institution, a masters degree and so forth.

One problem these institutions do not realize is that most of us young people come from hustler families. Actually, the biggest percentage of the young people have diplomas because they didn’t get the cut off to be admitted in the public universities. And that is why most of these big slots in big companies are occupied by senior citizens.

So where does that leave us as young people?

You know that is the question that we should be asking ourselves.

Anyway, let’s get to today’s topic: 10 online business ideas for young people.

Let me start with the huge thank you to the founding fathers of the internet and technology because these staff has opened unlimited doors for us, especially young men that do not have a million connections to these big companies.

Be an Influencer

Being a powerful influencer is not something easy. Why? Because you need to have a strategy. First, choose your niche. Do you want to concentrate on technology, fashion, beauty or that gap you are thinking about it right now?

Second, choose your channel where you will be sharing your content. It can be Instagram, YouTube, Twitter or Facebook.

Lastly, you need to have a content strategy of the niche that you have chosen to focus on.

And do not forget people follow you because you are helpful, encouraging and you are on top of the current issues and trends in your niche. Plus be consistent, and with that, you will start attracting companies, individuals who are interested in working with you.

Be a freelancer

When I started working as a freelancer in 2015-2016 there, I thought it was all about doing other people assignments. But that it is a big NAH.

If I can define freelancing in my own words, I can confidently say it is like any other job outside there doing it in the comforts of your home or anywhere else for that matter. You only need to have a laptop and a good internet connection.

Although it is a bit stressing to get good clients, first I can recommend you to register yourself with FIVERR.COM. This is the site where I started my beautiful journey, and I can’t regret a thing.   (I will review this site on Friday stay on the lookout)

Be a YouTuber

Are you there and you have skills that you want to share with other people, you can definitely earn money through doing what you love.

Having a YouTube account is totally free, what you need is to post content that you love and be consistent in doing so, and by doing that you will have your money. But you should be patient and consistent plus trust your own journey.

Selling E-books Online.

Yeah, that’s right. It is time to turn the little notebook that lies beside your bed make money for you. The best thing about self-publishing you can write anything. From romance to business, write what you are passionate about and sell your e-book on Amazon. As simple as that.

Have an E-Commerce store.

This is the real thing. You can set up a very good eCommerce store where you can resell things from manufacturers. You will be acting as a middleman, which is fine because you will have some extra cash from reselling the products.

Your Turn:

Please feel free to share other ways young people can make cash online. The only advice I should give is you should be patient and consistent with anything that you will settle on. Nothing worthwhile comes out easily.

P/s. On Friday I will introduce a segment where I will be doing reviews on sites and plugins plus everything involving business and marketing. I am compelled to have this segment, so that I can be digging deep one thing at a time.

I have loved two songs this week: and they are “The Climb by Miley Cyrus and So I Will by Hillsong United”

Have a productive week, and I wish you all the best, Good Luck.



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