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3 Vital Principles that You Need to Consider Before Starting A Business.

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3 vital principles to consider before starting a business

Starting up a business can be nerve racking. Most successful and failed entrepreneurs wish they could have known some things they didn’t know before starting their companies. Consider these vital principles so that you will not learn the hard way.

Market Research

Market Research is essential if you want to take your business to the next level. Research helps you to be realistic and know if your business will be successful in the near future. It equips you with actual information and specific ideas that are needed by your target market. The big advantage of it is gaining perspective and being informed about your market even before you start your business. Thus, it enables you to make firm and wise decisions which you implement to its best ability. With market research, you choose to arm your business with more information and data on your target market, which is high to uphold because a startup business is an infant which should be cared for.

Remember, if you obtain unbiased information from your market research you as an entrepreneur will be able to build a product and service which will meet your clients needs.

Know where your business is going

As an entrepreneur, you can find out where your business is heading to if you have set goals. Goals make a business to have a defined purpose and have something to strive for. Lack of setting goals, make businesses stagnate and struggle for meaningful accomplishments. Those goals must be present in every business plan layout and become part and parcel of an ongoing business operation. In short, goals are stepping stones to excellent results.

Do it (business) on a lean budget.

There is this quote, “ start where you are, use what you have, and do what you can by Arthur Ashe” and that is the way it should be for startups entrepreneurs. Do not waste money on a rented office, just start your business in your bedroom or create a small space in your house. The issue here is to live as lean as possible and cut unnecessary expenses.



3 vital principles to consider before starting a business

If, you have more work than you can handle you should outsource it, to freelancers. That way you will be able to pay for the projects you truly need instead of paying for someone’s time when hiring them full time. Some of the sites you can find freelancers are Fiverr, People Per Hour, Up work and Guru. And by the way, I am a level two seller in Fiverr check out my profile.


So, if you are a startup entrepreneur, you should consider these three vital principles so that you can help your business to grow to the level you want to see it. If you have any other helpful tip or tips for startups, please feel free to share in the comments section below.

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